Quebec: An outbreak of HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination – HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 9(1), August 2004

In the space of a few weeks in January 2004, actions by three different institutions in Quebec combined to threaten the human rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, raise the spectre of mandatory HIV testing, and create unnecessary public fears about the spread of HIV infection.

In response to what they called “the worst weeks in recent history for people living with HIV/AIDS in Quebec,” the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and COCQ-Sida (the Quebec coalition of community-based organizations fighting AIDS) called for a provincewide campaign against HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination.

A victory was achieved when a Montréal catholic seminary announced that it had backed down from its initial proposal to mandatorily test all applicants for priesthood for HIV, but much more is needed to fight the rapid outbreak of mandatory-testing proposals.

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