The right to privacy is a fundamental human right. Except in narrow circumstances that must be legally and ethically justified, all people, including those living with HIV, should have the power to decide how, when, to whom, and to what extent their personal health information is shared.

People living with HIV often suffer discrimination as a result of the unauthorized disclosure of their HIV status. As a result, many lose their jobs, housing and insurance, and see their personal relationships with family and friends compromised.

Our work contributes to the informed development of Canadian laws and policies that support the right to privacy and the confidentiality of health information of people living with HIV.

Protecting and promoting the human right to privacy is essential to meeting the public health goals of lessening the impact of HIV on individuals and communities and minimizing its transmission and to recognizing the inherent dignity of people affected by HIV.

Privacy and Disclosure for Youth Living with HIV or Hep C: Questions and Answers

This guide is for youth between the ages of 15 and 29 and focuses on some of the factors at play when young people living with HIV or hepatitis C (Hep C) are thinking about telling others about their HIV or Hep C status.

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Know Your Rights

This series of 8 brochures (now available in 7 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Spanish) addresses the privacy rights and disclosure obligations of people living with HIV in a variety of day-to-day contexts.

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Privacy and disclosure: questions and answers on HIV-related privacy and disclosure issues for women’s service providers

This document addresses some common HIV-related legal questions of agencies that provide services to women in Canada. The information will help service providers inform and refer the women with whom they work to appropriate legal information and support when necessary. It will also present them with guidance about their responsibilities with respect to HIV-related information. […]

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