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A PUBLIC HEALTH FAILURE:  FORMER PRISONER AND HIV GROUPS IN COURT SUING THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA FOR FAILING TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO EFFECTIVE PRISON NEEDLE AND SYRINGE PROGRAM   The following statement is issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Comments can be attributed to Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Director of Research and Advocacy.   December […]

Media advisory: Prison needle exchange program court hearing

FORMER PRISONER AND HIV GROUPS IN COURT SUING THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA FOR FAILING TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO EFFECTIVE PRISON NEEDLE AND SYRINGE PROGRAM   The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, a former prisoner, and three other HIV organizations are suing the Government of Canada over its failure to provide prisoners with easy, confidential, and effective […]


  November 28, 2019 — Sunday, December 1 is World AIDS Day, and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is calling on the Government of Canada to respond to HIV with a renewed emphasis on human rights and a much-needed infusion of resources. The latest data shows HIV infections are continuing to rise, with a 17.1% increase […]

Statement: Prisoners’ Justice Day highlights flaws in current Prison Needle Exchange Program

PRISONERS’ JUSTICE DAY HIGHLIGHTS FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS WITH GOVERNMENT OF CANADA’S CURRENT PRISON NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAM   The following statement is issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (“Legal Network”). Comments can be attributed to Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Director of Research and Advocacy.  August 9, 2019 — This Prisoners’ Justice Day (August 10), as prisoners […]


Lawsuit builds on the global push for decriminalisation of LGBT people and aims to end one of the last remaining anti-sodomy laws in Western Hemisphere   July 18, 2019 — A gay man, who must remain anonymous for his own protection, has today filed a landmark claim challenging Dominica’s homophobic laws that criminalise “buggery” and […]

News Release: Gay man to challenge Dominica’s anti-LGBT laws

Lawsuit launch will complete trifecta of legal challenges in Caribbean countries with many of the harshest anti-LGBT laws   June 24, 2019 — A gay man, who must remain anonymous for his own protection, is about to file a landmark case challenging Dominica’s homophobic laws that criminalise “buggery” and “gross indecency,” targeting the consensual sexual activity […]

STATEMENT: Response to Justice Committee’s report on the criminalization of people living with HIV

For immediate release. Également disponible en français.  The following statement is issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (“Legal Network”). Comments can be attributed to Richard Elliott, Executive Director of the Legal Network.   June 17, 2019 — Today the House of Commons Standing Committee of Justice and Human Rights has released its report “The Criminalization […]

STATEMENT: Proposed supervised injection site in Alberta’s Drumheller Institution cannot replace a prison-based needle and syringe program

For immediate release. Également disponible en français.  The following statement is issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (“Legal Network”). Comments can be attributed to Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Director of Research and Advocacy.   June 12, 2019 — Drumheller Institution in Alberta is reportedly getting a supervised drug injection site. While we support supervised consumption […]


  People living with HIV in Canada continue to face unjust criminal prosecution and imprisonment for allegedly not disclosing their HIV status to sexual partners. The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is hosting a full-day symposium in Toronto on HIV criminalization with legal experts, members of parliament, activists and people living with HIV.   WHAT: 8th Symposium […]

STATEMENT: New policy for B.C. prosecutors still harms people living with HIV

The following statement is issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (“Legal Network”). Comments can be attributed to Richard Elliott, Executive Director of the Legal Network.   April 23, 2019 — The British Columbia Prosecution Service (BCPS) has issued an updated policy on criminally prosecuting cases of alleged HIV non-disclosure. This policy falls short of […]

STATEMENT: Law enforcement “protections” harm sex workers

Rather than helping, sex workers’ human rights are being systemically violated by those meant to protect them   The following statement is issued by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network (“Legal Network”). Comments can be attributed to Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Director of Research and Advocacy, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.   April 10, 2019 — In […]


April 8, 2019 — Brandon Coward, who attacked Barbadian trans woman Alexa Hoffmann with a meat cleaver on February 18, 2018, was today convicted in the Oistins Magistrates Court by Magistrate Elwood Watts and ordered to compensate Alexa BD$460 (about CAD$306) or face three months in prison. The gruesome attack left Alexa with serious injuries, […]

News release: New report makes recommendations on supervised consumption services in Canada

TORONTO, February 20, 2019 — In the midst of a growing overdose crisis, more than 75 health and human rights organizations have signed a letter to the federal government calling for a much-needed “class exemption” to protect clients and staff of supervised consumption services (SCS) from prosecution for drug offences when accessing or providing those […]

Ending Unjust HIV Prosecutions in British Columbia: Modernizing prosecutorial policy

Submission to the Attorney General of British Columbia January 2019 The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network submits this brief to supplement previous correspondence and submissions to the Honourable David Eby, Attorney General of British Columbia, for the purpose of assisting with the development of a directive from the Attorney General to the British Columbia Prosecution Service […]

Statement: Religious beliefs must not interfere with patients’ rights to accessible health care

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH) and the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO), are jointly intervening in a landmark case before the Court of Appeal for Ontario regarding whether doctors can put their personal religious beliefs ahead of patients’ rights to health care.

STATEMENT: Reverting to an Outdated Sexual Education Curriculum Violates Charter Rights of Ontarians

January 8, 2019 — The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario have been granted intervener status in the challenge to the Government of Ontario’s decision to revert to an outdated sexual education curriculum. The challenge, brought forward by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and an Ontario teacher, will […]

Moving to End Unjust HIV Prosecutions

December 1, 2018 — Today, on World AIDS Day, federal Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould announced a new directive to help limit unjust prosecutions against people living with HIV in Canada. This new directive, which comes after years of advocacy by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and many partner organizations, is consistent with Justice Canada’s own […]

Canada Must Act Now to Prevent Unjust HIV Prosecutions

With World AIDS Day just days away, over 100 health and human rights organizations are collectively calling on the federal government to take immediate action, in consultation with experts and people living with HIV, to end the overly broad use of the criminal law against people living with HIV.

Statement: Canada Must Adopt a Human Rights-Based Approach to Drug Policy

November 22, 2018 – We, the undersigned, believe that Canada must commit to reducing the harms caused by its current drug laws. In response to Health Canada’s request for input on how to strengthen the federal government’s approach to substance use issues through the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy (CDSS), our organizations are calling upon […]

Media Advisory – Intimate Conviction Volume Launch in Barbados

CAVE HILL, November 14, 2018 — One year after the groundbreaking “Intimate Conviction” conference, which examined the role of the church in establishing and maintaining anti-gay laws in Commonwealth countries, an edited volume of some of the conference presentations is now available. The volume will serve as an important tool to assist in the repeal […]

Statement: Jamaican Court of Appeal Gives Human Rights a Back Seat

November 9, 2018 — “After a nearly two-year delay, the constitutional challenge to Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law looks set to finally restart. The case was effectively suspended while the Jamaican Supreme Court waited for the Court of Appeal to decide whether the Public Defender could join the matter as an interested party. In a heavily criticized […]

Open Letter to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould

“Dear Minister: Re: Commitment to take action to end “overcriminalization of HIV” in Canada? I write further to our letter of August 3rd and following recent discussions with representatives of your office and of your department regarding measures your government could take to follow through on your previously stated concern about the overly broad use […]

Statement: Legal regulation of cannabis a welcome step forward

October 17, 2018 — Today marks an important step forward in Canada’s drug policy, as the legal regulation of cannabis for non-medical purposes takes effect. The Legal Network welcomes this important development toward sensible drug policy, but more must be done to uphold the health and human rights of people who use drugs in this […]

Religious leaders call on governments across the Caribbean to repeal anti-LGBT laws

KINGSTON, Jamaica October 4, 2018 — Laws that criminalize consensual same-sex intimacy exist in a majority of Commonwealth countries, an unwelcome holdover from colonization — despite the fact that such laws have been long since repealed in the United Kingdom. But repealing these laws has proven difficult in some countries as they continue to be […]

Media advisory: Groundbreaking Intimate Conviction volume demonstrates commitment of global faith leaders to LGBTQ rights

Kingston, Jamaica October 2, 2018 — One year after the groundbreaking “Intimate Conviction” conference, which examined the role of the church in establishing and maintaining anti-gay laws in Commonwealth countries, an edited volume of some of the conference presentations is now available. Being launched in Kingston, the volume will serve as an important tool to […]

News Release: International experts release new report on responsible regulation of drugs

TORONTO, September 24, 2018 — The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network welcomes the new report, Regulation: the responsible control of drugs, published today by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, and calls on the federal government to study it carefully as Canada continues to struggle with an unabated crisis of overdose deaths.

Media Statement: Groundbreaking consensus on HIV criminalization released by world scientific experts at International AIDS Conference

July 25, 2018 — Today, at the 22nd International AIDS Conference underway in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 20 eminent world scientists — including two leading Canadian researchers — released a groundbreaking Expert Consensus Statement providing their conclusive opinion on the low-to-no possibility of a person living with HIV transmitting the virus in various situations, including via […]

Media advisory: Vital community dialogue about HIV criminalization and the way forward

TORONTO June 13, 2018 — Canada (and Ontario) has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest rates of criminalizing people living with HIV in the world. As Pride Toronto marks 35 years of AIDS activism this Pride Month, and with the results of last week’s provincial election creating uncertainty about the future of […]

News release: Challenge launched against two sections of Barbados’ discriminatory sexual offences act

Three Barbadians — a trans woman, a lesbian and a gay man — are filing today a petition against Barbados before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) challenging laws criminalising “buggery” and other intimacy between consenting partners, including same-sex partners, as violating numerous rights guaranteed in the American Convention on Human Rights. The IACHR […]

Media advisory: Launch of challenge to Barbadian laws criminalizing LGBTQ people

Three Barbadians — a trans woman, a lesbian and a gay man — will file a petition against Barbados on June 6 before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) challenging laws criminalizing “buggery” and other intimacy between consenting partners, including same-sex partners, as violating numerous rights guaranteed in the American Convention on Human Rights.

Statement: Advocates welcome major concessions in Government of Canada’s prison needle exchange announcement

May 14, 2018 — Today, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Correctional Services Canada (CSC) Interim Commissioner Anne Kelly quietly announced a prison needle exchange program (PNSP) to be implemented in two federal prisons. Many prisoners, public health experts and advocates, including the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, have fought for more than 20 years for […]

A flawed breach of justice: Bill C-66

Bill C-66, An Act to establish a procedure for expunging certain historically unjust convictions and to make related amendments to other Acts, is a long-overdue effort by the Government of Canada to correct the historical, systemic oppression of gender and sexual minorities. In its current form, Bill C-66 is fundamentally flawed. This bill was drafted […]

Media advisory: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network marks 25 years of rights and resistance

For 25 years, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network has been defending and advancing human rights in response to HIV, in Canada and globally. This milestone will be commemorated in Vancouver on Friday, April 27, with a reception attended by former Legal Network board president and current B.C. Attorney General, the Hon. David Eby.

A Modest Advance on Medical Inadmissability

Today, after years of advocacy by HIV, disability and migrant rights organizations, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship announced changes to the rules that exclude would-be residents of Canada based on projected “excessive demand” on health and social services. These changes, however, fall far short of the full repeal of the current flawed, discriminatory […]

PRESS RELEASE: The Missing Millions, the Government of Canada and HIV

As community organizations are closing, the federal government presides over the continued steady erosion of federal HIV funding, with $104 million in funds lost from the response.

Maurice Tomlinson Speaks to HOC Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

OTTAWA, March 27, 2018 – Today, Maurice Tomlinson, Senior Policy Advisor with the Legal Network, spoke to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration about his personal experience of immigrating to Canada and shared recommendations for improving the process for LGBTQ refugee claimants. Click below to download the text of his oral […]

Brief to HoC Standing Committee on IRB appointment training and complaint process

“By some estimates, approximately 400 million LGBT persons live under the threat of criminal imprisonment or even death in their home country. The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) is faced with thousands of refugee claimants each year trying to escape persecution in their home country simply because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. While strides have been made to improve the cultural sensitivity of IRB members, more could be done to enhance the cultural competence of IRB members—charged with making decisions about the lives of LGBT persons seeking asylum in Canada.”

Statement: It is time to end Canada’s excessive demand regime

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network stands in support of the Private Member’s Bill to repeal Section 38(1)(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)—which we called for before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration last November. We hope that Parliamentarians from all parties will vote in favour of this proposal.

Statement: HIV and human rights organizations applaud court ruling on doctors claiming right to discriminate on religious beliefs

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) and the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH), welcome today’s decision by Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court) regarding whether doctors can put their personal religious beliefs ahead of patients’ rights to health care. As we argued before the court, […]

Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act Wallet Cards now available

With Canada’s fatal overdose crisis still surging, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, in collaboration with the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, issued 50,000 wallet-size cards with vital information about the 2017 Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act. The cards and an accompanying fact sheet were provided to people who use drugs, service providers and volunteer organizations […]

An important, modest advance on World AIDS Day

Today, after years of advocacy by community organizations, both the federal and Ontario governments have finally recognized the need to limit the “overcriminalization of HIV” in Canada. They have each taken a first step toward that end—specifically, by recognizing that a person living with HIV who has a suppressed viral load should not be criminally […]

Time to Act: Over 150 Organizations Across Canada Call on Federal and Provincial Governments to End Unjust Criminalization of HIV

With World AIDS Day just a few days away, the Canadian Coalition to Reform HIV Criminalization (CCRHC) has released a joint Community Consensus Statement endorsed by over 150 organizations across the country, from the HIV sector and beyond. Developed through several months of cross-country consultation, the statement shows clear consensus against the current overly broad […]

Representatives from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario to speak to House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

OTTAWA November 17, 2017 — Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (“IRPA”), foreign nationals are inadmissible to Canada if their health condition might reasonably be expected to cause an “excessive demand” on health or social services, or if they have an inadmissible family member. Due to the high cost of antiretroviral medications, people living […]

TURN OFF THE SPOTLIGHT: Sex workers and allies urge an end to Operation Northern Spotlight

October 19, 2017, Canada – As part of the hunt for people who “exploit” or purchase services from sex workers, police forces across Canada held their yearly raids between October 11–15 on sex work establishments that they call Operation Northern Spotlight. These operations include intrusive and intimidating visits to sex workers to their homes and […]

As Battle Over NAFTA Investor Protections Heats Up, Trinational Coalition Delivers 400,000 Petitions Demanding Elimination of Corporate Rights and Tribunals

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 11, 2017 – Growing public opposition to the expansive corporate privileges at the heart of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took centre stage as the fourth round of NAFTA talks began today in Washington, D.C. U.S., Mexican and Canadian civil society organizations delivered more than 400,000 petitions demanding that NAFTA’s […]

UN rights experts criticize Canada’s failure to end racist drug policies affecting Black and Indigenous people

TORONTO, August 28, 2017 — The Government of Canada must take immediate steps to implement recommendations by the United Nations’ highest body for combatting racism calling for an end to punitive drug policies that disproportionately impact Black and Indigenous Peoples, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network said today. In its Concluding Observations on its review of […]

Towards a New NAFTA: Safeguarding Public Health and Access to Medicines: Submission to Global Affairs Canada

“The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network welcomes this opportunity to provide submissions to Global Affairs Canada on the scope of the renegotiation and modernization of the existing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). “Given the potential impact, domestically and globally, of a new trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico, this briefing focuses on how […]

New report from Canada’s Drug Futures Forum outlines recommendations for the next decade of drug policy in Canada

Toronto, Canada (July 14, 2017) — Against the backdrop of a national opioid overdose crisis and the fracturing of the global consensus on criminalization-based drug policies, over 200 participants met in Ottawa at Canada’s Drug Futures Forum in April 2017 to produce a ten-year agenda for the future of Canadian drug policy. A new report […]

Canada Needs Action Now: Top Priorities in Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Reform

TORONTO, May 15, 2017 — Today scientists, medical professionals, policy makers, activists and people who use drugs are gathering in Montréal for the 25th Harm Reduction International Conference 2017 (HR17). Meanwhile the opioid crisis rages on and, even as Canada takes an important step forward by legalizing and regulating cannabis, outdated prohibitionist drug policies continues to […]

LIFE WON’T WAIT: Statement in support of National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis

“TORONTO, February 21, 2017 — On this first National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network stands in solidarity with the Canadian Association of People who Use Drugs (CAPUD) and with other groups of people who use drugs, frontline harm reduction workers and other allies. We demand action, by all levels […]

Government walks away from talks on critical harm reduction measure in Canadian prisons

TORONTO, January 17, 2017 — In a profoundly disappointing move by a government that claims to support harm reduction and “evidence-based policies,” the Government of Canada has withdrawn from a planned mediation, preferring to waste more money on lawyers to fight evidence-based harm reduction services in prisons. Meanwhile, prisoners will continue to needlessly contract preventable […]

Bill C-37 a welcome step forward for life-saving supervised consumption sites and sound drug policy in Canada

TORONTO, December 12, 2016 — The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network welcomes the introduction of Bill C-37, which – at long last – signals a real turning point in Canada’s drug policy, emphasizing evidence, public health and human rights above fear, stigma and misinformation. We are heartened that the federal government is taking this much-needed action […]

HIV and Human Rights Organizations Welcome Federal Government’s Interest in Ending Unjust HIV Criminalization

TORONTO, December 1, 2016 — The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) welcome today’s statement by Canadian Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould recognizing the ongoing problem of overly-broad, unjust criminalization of people living with HIV. Today, fittingly for World AIDS Day, the federal government has signaled its intent […]

UN Experts Make Historic Recommendations to Canada: End unjust HIV criminalization, repeal law restricting supervised consumption services, and implement needle and syringe programmes in prison

GENEVA, November 18, 2016 — The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women issued its Concluding Observations today following its review of Canada’s compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. This is the first time the Committee reviewed women’s rights in Canada since 2008.

Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Fails to Respect Sex Workers’ Rights

November 18, 2016 — Sex workers and allies in Canada are expressing deep concern and disappointment with the CEDAW Committee’s failure to adequately protect the rights of sex workers in Canada. During an international review of Canada’s progress on women’s human rights, the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women sidelined the concerns of […]

Legal Network Welcomes Canada’s Commitment To Redress Discrimination Against LGBTQI People

November 15, 2016 — The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network welcomes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement today to appoint a Special Advisor on LGBTQ2 issues who will work with Egale Canada Human Rights Trust and other stakeholders to address the urgent human rights and public health issues outlined in The Just Society Report.

UN High-Level Panel Says Trade Agreements Such As TPP Threaten Public Health AND Human Rights

A high-level body of eminent persons advising UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released its report today declaring that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and similar agreements ratcheting up intellectual property protection and enforcement, endanger countries’ efforts to ensure access to medicines and other health technologies and run counter to their human rights obligations. The High-Level Panel’s report […]

Canadian civil society groups call for immediate action to opioid overdose crisis

On International Overdose Awareness Day, over 70 Canadian civil society organizations have endorsed an urgent call to action addressed to all levels of government, urging politicians to immediately implement five recommendations that will serve as initial steps of a nationwide crisis response to reduce opioid overdose fatalities and injuries across the country. Call to Action: ACTION […]

Game-Changer: Belize Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-LGBTI Law

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network applauds yesterday’s landmark decision from the Supreme Court of Belize, which overturned the country’s archaic law prohibiting “carnal intercourse against the order of nature,” setting a precedent for LGBTI human rights that we hope will ripple across the region.

Jamaican Supreme Court Admits Religious Groups as Interested Parties in Challenge to Anti-Sodomy Law

TORONTO, July 8, 2016 — The Jamaican Supreme Court on July 6 handed down its ruling on applications by nine religious groups and the Public Defender to be interested parties in a challenge by Jamaican lawyer Maurice Tomlinson to the country’s anti-sodomy law. All the groups except the Public Defender were allowed in the case with […]

New International Report Calls for “Principled Non-Compliance” with Antiquated UN Drug Control Treaties

As an increasing number of jurisdictions consider whether and how to legalize and regulate access to cannabis, tensions are growing between these initiatives and countries’ obligations under the UN drug control conventions. A groundbreaking new report produced by a coalition of legal and drug policy experts offers strategies for countries exploring regulatory approaches to cannabis […]

Nearly 250 Organizations Across Canada Call for Prison-Based Needle and Syringe Programs

Close to 250 Canadian organizations have signed a statement urging federal and provincial governments to immediately implement prisonbased needle and syringe programs (PNSPs) in institutions across the country. Representing the views of a broad cross-section of Canadian civil society, the statement highlights the overwhelming scientific, empirical and human rights rationale for Canada’s governments to act […]

Amnesty International Policy Is Opportunity for Canada to Reform Harmful Laws on Sex Work

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network applauds Amnesty International’s “State Obligations to Respect, Protect and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers,” released today, which calls for the removal of all laws and policies that make sex work a criminal offence, including those that prohibit selling, buying or facilitating sex work or living off its proceeds.

Canadian Civil Society Calls for Federal Action on Global Drug Policy

One hundred Canadian civil society organizations are calling on the Canadian federal government to champion progressive and evidence-based drug policy positions at this week’s world forum on drugs. Spearheaded by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC), this civil society groundswell is asking federal Health Minister Dr. Jane Philpott to […]

Health and Human Rights Coalition Applauds Supreme Court Decision in Drug-Sentencing Case

As a coalition of interveners in the Supreme Court of Canada case, R. v. Lloyd, we applaud the Court for recognizing that a mandatory minimum sentence (MMS) for certain drug offences is not only harsh and damaging, but also unconstitutional. We hope that this decision is one more step towards ending Canada’s harmful, punitive approach […]

Six Ways Canada Can Adopt Prison-Based Needle and Syringe Programs Now: Report

TORONTO, February 3, 2016 — A research study has concluded that prison-based needle and syringe programs (PNSPs), which provide sterile injection equipment to prisoners who inject drugs and help prevent the spread of HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV), are indisputably feasible in Canada and should be implemented in Canadian prisons without delay. Report: On […]

Jamaican Gay Activist Challenges TV Stations In Court

February 1, 2016 — Today the Jamaican Court of Appeal will begin hearing a landmark case brought forward by Jamaican attorney and human rights activist, Maurice Tomlinson. The case is challenging national television stations that refused to air a “tolerance ad” promoting respect for the human rights of LGBTI people. The original hearing set for July 22–24, 2015, […]

Jamaican Gay Activist Launches Constitutional Challenge

TORONTO, December 9, 2015 — Jamaican human rights activist Maurice Tomlinson has filed a claim in the Supreme Court of Judicature, challenging the constitutionality of Jamaica’s laws criminalizing consensual sex between men. The legal challenge — which will be announced at a press conference tomorrow in Kingston, Jamaica — is being supported by the Canadian […]

Canada’s New Government Must Take Action on HIV

Toronto, November 30, 2015 — In a briefing paper released to parliamentarians in advance of World AIDS Day (December 1), the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is calling on the new federal government to take decisive steps to address the HIV epidemic, both in Canada and abroad. Laying out five key areas and recommending associated actions, […]

Major Federal Parties Promise to Reform Canadian Drug Policy

TORONTO, October 13, 2015 — Three major federal political parties have come out in support of reforming Canadian drug policy. If elected, they would address Canada’s “drug problem” through sound evidence-based measures that reduce harm and protect public safety, rather than the misinformed and punitive approach that currently dominates the country’s policy.

Statement Condemning the Passage of Bill C-2, the So-called Respect for Communities Act

“We, the undersigned, firmly believe that today’s anticipated Senate passage of Bill C-2, the so-called Respect for Communities Act, undermines the rights of people who use drugs to access life-saving and health-protecting services.”

Ontario turning its back on sex workers – Statement

While Ontario Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur has not yet publicly released her review of Canada’s new, misguided sex work law, we understand – according to a reported statement today by Premier Kathleen Wynne – that this review has found “no clear unconstitutionality” in the socalled Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. We disagree with […]

Blocking health services unconscionable: Bill C-2 vote today

As Bill C-2 comes up for a final vote in the House of Commons, organizations across Canada voice their support for life-saving supervised consumption services for people who use drugs. [Click here to read the Statement to Canadian Parliamentarians Opposing Bill C-2.]

Advocates call on provincial leaders to resist deadly law, end violence against sex workers

This was released at today’s press conference re: the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Click here to read Richard Elliott’s remarks.

No “End to AIDS” Without Human Rights: Canada’s Top 5 Issues for World Aids Day 2014

Parliament Abandons Sex Workers, Denies Their Right to Health and Safety

Bill C-2 Flouts Supreme Court, Condemns People Who Use Drugs to Needless Harm

In Memoriam: Elisse Zack

In Memoriam: Passengers of MH17

The Whole (Legal) Truth: Bill C-36 Will Have Far-Reaching Implications for Canadian Communities

Proposed Legislation Will Harm Sex Workers and Communities

Canada Must Act Against International Hate Laws Targeting LGBTQ People

Canadian Scientists Take Important Stand: Criminal Law Currently Goes Too Far in Prosecuting HIV Non-Disclosure

Interveners Welcome Supreme Court Decision in R. v. Hutchinson

Uganda’s ‘Jail the Gays’ Bill Institutionalizes Hate, Undermines Health and Human Rights

On Eve of Sochi Olympics, Groups Rally for Global LGBT Rights, in Russia and Beyond

Health and Human Rights Organizations Applaud Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Unjust Sex Work Laws

Grans and Gays Confronting HIV: Human Rights Groups Honour Activists on World Aids Day

Human Rights Organizations Condemn the Campaign of the Botswana Government to Crack Down on Sex Workers

LGBT Rights Under Attack in Russia; Canadian Civil Society Demands Collective Action on Sochi Olympics

Woman Found Not Guilty on Oral Sex Count, Court Sends Important Message to Prosecutors

Courthouse Protestors Condemn “Witch-Hunt” by Crown Prosecutors Against People Living With HIV, Call for Action by Attorney General

Toronto City Council and Ontario Government Should Heed Experts’ Recommendations, Implement Supervised Injection Services

Legal Network Intervenes in Sex Work Case at Supreme Court; Presence of International Sex Work Activist Points the Way Forward

Government Bill Will Impede Life-Saving Health Services, Cause More Death and Disease

Statement on the death of our friend and colleague Ken Buchanan

AIDS Groups Critical of Court Decision on Medical Cannabis

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Marks 20 Years, Presents Canadian and International Human Rights Awards

Parliament Betrays People in Developing Countries Needing Medicines – Bill C-398 Voted Down

Every Child Deserves a Second Birthday: MPs, Community Gather in Front of Parliament for Protest-party to Celebrate the Promise

Time to Deliver: A Global Appeal to Canada’s Parliamentarians to Fix Law on Affordable Medicines for All

Bill C-398 Critical Opportunity to Get Life-saving Generic Medicines to Those Most in Need: Statement by Civil Society Groups

Unjust Supreme Court Ruling on Criminalization of HIV Major Step Backwards for Public Health and Human Rights

Lawsuit Filed Against Government of Canada for Failing to Protect the Health of Federal Prisoners

Ending the Epidemic: HIV and Human Rights in Canada and Around the World

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Applauds Global Report on How Laws Help or Hinder Response to HIV

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario Welcome Sex Work Decision From

New Opportunity to Fix Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime: Statement by Civil Society Groups

In Advance of Landmark Supreme Court Case, Supporters Worldwide Call on Canada to Stop Criminalizing People Living with HIV

Groups Welcome Government’s Commitment to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, Call for Emergency Conference of Donors to Address Funding Crisis

HIV and Human Rights in Canada: Top 5 Key Issues for World AIDS Day 2011

Donors Deny Life-Saving Progress on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Russia at Risk of HIV Epidemic Hitting Catastrophic Levels

International Coalition Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Human Rights and Keep Insite Open

NGO Leaders: Global Fund Champions Proactive Measures against Fraud

Statement on the Passing of Jack Layton, Leader of the Official Opposition

Global: Torture in Drug Treatment Detention

Human Rights Awards: Caribbean, Canadian HIV/AIDS Activists Honored

Symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights and Awards Ceremony

Canadian Groups Welcome International Report Condemning Failed “War on Drugs”

New Poll Shows Canadians Concerned About Global Reputation, but Confident It Can Be Improved by Making Affordable Medicines Available to Developing Countries

Parliament Fails to Fix Law to Save Lives – Bill C-393 Stalled to Death in Senate

Civil Society Groups Rally in Support of Urgent Passage of Access to Medicines Bill

Grandmothers Ringing the Bell For Democracy; Urge Senate to Quickly Pass Bill C-393

Health and Human Rights Organization Disappointed in Ruling Denying Sex Worker Group’s Perspective in Landmark Case

Health and Human Rights Organizations to Intervene in Landmark Sex Work Case

MPs Choose Hope – Bill C-393 Passes!

Dr. James Orbinski, Stephen Lewis and K’naan Urge Parliament to Pass Bill C-393

Leading Canadian Physicians and Scientists Urge Parliament to Choose Evidence and Compassion and Support Bill C-393

Diverse Faith Leaders Rally to Support Humanitarian Bill and Save Lives in the Developing World

International Coalition to Intervene to Save Vancouver Safe-Injection Site

Russia Must Adopt Harm Reduction Now to Stop the Spread of HIV

The Evidence is Clear: Bill S10 Will Result in Expensive, Ineffective Sentencing

A Victory for Democracy: Bill C-393 Will Proceed to a Vote in the House of Commons

MPs to Debate Life-Saving Access to Medicines Bill Today

Bill C-393: Common Sense Versus Obstructionism and Excuses During Today’s Parliamentary Debate

Central Asian Countries Urged to Act Now to Avert Worsening AIDS Epidemic

World AIDS Day a Stark Reminder That MPs Have Power to Save Lives

Grannies Hold Vigils Urging Parliament to Support Access to Medicines Bill

Liberal MP Votes with Conservatives in Gutting Access to Medicines Bill

Study on Access to Medicines Bill Concludes Today

Grannies Disrupt Committee Hearings; Debate to Continue This Coming Monday

Grannies Hold Impromptu Protest to Slam Shameful Actions of Industry Committee

Health and Legal Experts Join Canadian and African Activists in Making Case to Fix Access to Medicines Regime

Bill S-10 Hurts People, Families and Public Coffers

Groups Rally on Parliament Hill for Access to Life-Saving Medicines

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Hails Decision of Ontario Court That Supports Rights of Sex Workers

Community Forum on HIV and the Criminal Law Launches Prosecutorial Guidelines Campaign

NGO Leaders: Canada’s Global Fund Contribution a Positive Step, Must Be Strengthened and Complemented by Other Initiatives

Developing World Conditions in Canada Impede Access to HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment and Support

Macedonia: Group Wins HIV and Rights Award

Canadian and African Activists Call on G8/G20 Leaders to Take Action on AIDS Crisis at Home and Abroad

G8 and G20 leaders will hear strong message on HIV and human rights from two advocates

Head of Global Fund to Deliver Pre-G8 and G20 Message on HIV and Human Rights in Toronto

Symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights

Vancouver HIV Case Highlights Again the Need for Clear Guidelines on Criminal Prosecutions

HIV and hepatitis C Crisis in Federal Prisons, According to New CSC Report

Campaign for “Universal Access” to Medicines Goes Global

No Celebration for HIV-Positive Women on International Women’s Day

Clean Needles Behind Bars Long Overdue

Important Step Forward in Vote on Bill C-393

Former Prime Minister Among 59 VIPs Calling for Changes to Access to Medicines Regime

New Poll Reveals 80% of Canadians Want Changes to Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime

Groups Call for Effective Law on Access to Medicines for Developing Countries

Expert Panel before Parliament to Discuss Reforming Access to Medicines Regime

Senate to Deal with Life-or-Death Issue

Old Regime Dies; Will There Be a Second Life for CAMR?

Time for Canada to “Grow Up” About Drugs

Namibian Lawyer and Canadian Academic Honoured for HIV/AIDS Work

Focus on Criminalization

New Report Outlines Legal Case for Prisoners’ Access to Clean Needles

Move to Reform “CAMR” Gains Momentum

Dying for Lack of Medicines in Developing Countries

Bill C-15 Falls Short of Its Goals

“Patients, Not Criminals”?: Compulsory drug dependence treatment in Thailand must be reviewed

Students and Community in Six Cities Echo Senator’s Call to Reform Access to Medicines Regime

Expert Panel Launches Campaign to Reform Access to Medicines Regime

Expert Panel to Discuss Reforming Access to Medicines Regime

The Rights of People Who Use Drugs in Prisons at Alberta Harm Reduction Conference

Canada Faces Review by United Nations Human Rights Council

Judge Admits Inappropriate Treatment of HIV-positive Witness

Canada Needs New Direction on Key Health Issues

Release of New Poll Results Highlights Health Issues Absent From Federal Election Campaign: National Drug Strategy and Funding For AIDS

Major Federal Parties Respond to Election Questionnaire on AIDS

First Shipment of Affordable Medicines Finally En Route to Africa

Sex Workers Group Wins HIV and Rights Award

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement Urged to Keep Canada’s Promise to the Developing World

Global Village Hosts Human Rights Activists, Hot Topics

Health Activist in Prison Wins 2008 Human Rights Award for HIV/AIDS Work

Insite Court Decision Confirms Canadian Drug Policy At Odds With Public Health and Human Rights

Court Ruling Shields Vancouver’s Supervised Injection Site

Canada Finally Poised to Deliver on Promise of Affordable Medicines to Developing Countries?

Manitoba Forced HIV Testing Law Based on Flawed Rationale

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Drug Offences Counter-Productive to Public Health and Human Rights

Latest Report from United Nations Drug Control Body Misses the Mark

National AIDS Organizations Call on Ottawa to Guarantee Current Funding for Local AIDS Programs and Services

New Anti-Drug Bill Likely to Lead to More Cases of HIV

Legal Network President Named National Recipient of Canadian Institutes of Health Research Award

Insite Extension a Political Manoeuvre Instead of a Public Health Decision – Existing evidence shows supervised injection facility should be permanent

Ottawa Adopting Failed U.S.-Style “War on Drugs” – New National Anti-Drug Strategy plays politics with people’s lives

Civil Society Key to Defeating AIDS in China – International groups, global leaders press UNAIDS to convene NGO meeting

Canada Misses Opportunity to Show Leadership on HIV/AIDS, TB

First-Ever Compulsory Licence Issued Under Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime – But MPs must simplify law to make it truly effective, says Legal Network

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Announces Richard Elliott as Its New Executive Director

CMAJ Commentary Calls for Needle Exchange and Safer Tattooing Programs in Canadian Prisons

Rwanda First to Try Buying Affordable AIDS Drug from Canada Using Access to Medicines Regime

Cancellation of Safe Crack Kits by Ottawa City Council Irresponsible and Short-Sighted

Quick Fixes to Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime Left Behind as MPs Close Commons

Ontario Legal Aid Clinic and Toronto Human Rights Advocate Win 2007 Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights

“The Other War on Drugs”: International Panel to Discuss Access to Medicines in Developing Countries

Legal Network Releases 13-Point Plan to Parliament to Fix Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime

Media Advisory – Legal Network to Propose Immediate Steps to Fix Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime

Canada Unfairly Berated by International Drug Body for Pragmatic, Effective HIV Prevention Measures

New Report Finds International Narcotics Control Board Blocks Effective HIV Prevention Among Drug Users

Former UN Special Envoy to join call for greater accountability at INCB – Media Advisory

Legal Network Condemns Anti-gay Mob Attack on Award-winning Jamaican Activist

Commons Report on Prostitution Fails Sex Workers

Prison Tattoo Closure Irresponsible, Says Legal Network

NGOs welcome renewed focus on AIDS, but say pledge falls short

AIDS Review Should Endorse More Money for Most Vulnerable, Say National Organizations

Health and Industry Ministers Should Eliminate Red Tape in Canada’s Law on Generic Medicines for Export

Montréal Sex Workers and Jamaican LGBT Rights Activist Win 2006 Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights

Media Advisory – 2006 Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights

Health Minister’s Indecision on Insite Ignores Scientific Evidence

Groups Urge Rapid Review of Canada’s Law on Generic Medicines for Export

Harper Needs Dose of Reality: Prime Minister should make life-and-death decisions based on evidence, not ideology, says Legal Network

Media Advisory – Evidence or Ideology? Legal Network to demand Canadian government commitment to safe injection facility and prison needle exchanges

Media Advisory – Will It Deliver? Assessing Canada’s pledge to export affordable AIDS drugs

Four Steps for Canada: Stephen Lewis and Canadian civil society groups demand action on global AIDS crisis

Media Advisory – Stephen Lewis and Canadian Civil Society Groups to Launch Canadian Action Plan to Fight AIDS Globally

Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Why everyone loses

Canada Should Avoid U.S.-style Drug Laws – Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences a proven failure

China Should Free Human Rights Activists: Legal Network

Party Leaders Must Define Their Approach to HIV/AIDS – Deafening silence during election campaign is unacceptable

China: Police Shut Down Gay, Lesbian Event

New Report Calls on Federal Government to Decriminalize Prostitution

Legal Network Supports “Visionary” Toronto Drug Strategy

Media Advisory – Legal Network to Release Report on Canada’s Criminal Laws on Prostitution

Safe Injection Site Should Not Be Law Enforcement Tool

Al McNutt: Fighting HIV/AIDS in small-town Canada – Truro man receives award for courageous AIDS and human rights efforts

Russia: HIV/AIDS Pioneer Fights for Vulnerable Populations – Humanitarian Action helps drug users, street children

Criminal Charges Against HIV-positive Mother Inappropriate Response, says Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Human Rights Advocacy Group Welcomes Canadian Law Coming Into Force – Urges generic drug companies and government to follow through with lower-cost medicines

Canadians Living with Episodic Disabilities Call for Reform to Benefit Programs

Generic Drugs Bill Still Not in Force One Year Later – Coalition calls on all parties in the House of Commons to cooperate on final procedural hurdle

Safe-Crack Kits Important for Health of Drug Users: AIDS groups

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Tells Committee that Parliament Should Repeal Criminal Code Provisions on Prostitution

U.S. Gag on Needle Exchange Harms UN AIDS Efforts – Canadian HIV/AIDS organization calls on Ottawa to defend proven HIV prevention strategies

CSC Applauded for Leadership on Safer Tattooing

AIDS and Human Rights Organizations Say No to HIV Testing Based on Ignorance and Prejudice

Stigma and Discrimination Are Fuelling the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Canada

Canada Should Send Message on Bush AIDS Policies During State Visit – Ideological pandering undermines effective response to global AIDS pandemic

Human Rights Group Warns Initiative Could Fail – Calls on generic companies and the federal government to take action

Needle Exchange Programs Proven Beneficial in Prisons Outside Canada, Urgently Needed in Canadian Prisons: New report

Vancouver Nurse and Pivot Legal Society Receive Canadian Human Rights Awards

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Appoints New Executive Director

Thailand: Drug Users Honoured for Courage in Face of Crackdown

HIV/AIDS Treatment, Microbicide and Vaccine Advocates Release Plan of Action and Joint Statement of Commitment

Highlights of Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network participation at the XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

Montréal Police Discriminate Against People Living with HIV/AIDS: Community groups demand human rights commission inquiry

The World is Looking to Canada for Leadership on HIV Vaccines

Canada Proceeds with Bill C-9 on Cheaper Medicine Exports: NGOs say initiative is important, and urge other countries to avoid the flaws in the Canadian model

Latest Amendments to Canada Patent Act a Good Start, But Still Need Work

Deadly Public Policy: The federal government’s failure to provide adequate funding for the fight against HIV/AIDS – Speaking notes

Amending Canada’s Drug Patent Law: A betrayal of patients in developing countries

Call for International Action to Coincide with Dublin AIDS Summit – Over 50 groups/experts from more than 20 countries endorse “Dublin Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Prisons in Europe and Central Asia”

Affordable Generic Medicines for Developing Countries: Promise in Speech from Throne, but true commitment requires effective bill

Affordable Generic Medicines for Developing Countries: Prime Minister’s commitment is welcome, but bill is flawed and must be fixed

HIV Testing of Priesthood Candidates Called Illegal and Unethical

Street Hockey for Global Health: Canadian activists dramatize call on new Prime Minister to pass legislation allowing cheaper medicines for developing countries

Bill C-56 on Medicines for Developing Countries Is Flawed – House of Commons should amend bill and get it right

Canada Can Set Global Precedent with Patent Act Changes, But Flaws in Legislation Could Undermine Potential Benefit

Save Lives Now: Amend Without Delay – Amending Canada’s Patent Act to allow exports of generic medicines

Amendment to Patent Act Must Benefit as Many as Possible, Urge Canadian Organizations

Canadian Prisoner and AIDS Law Project of South Africa Receive Human Rights Awards

AIDSVAX Trial Results: Canadian organizations ask Canadian government to step up HIV vaccine efforts

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Injection Drug Use in Prisons: New report concludes governments’ response too little, too late

China Frees Prominent AIDS Activist

Chinese AIDS Activist Honoured Despite Ongoing Detention

Concern Escalates Over Missing Chinese AIDS Activist

Accelerating HIV Vaccine Development and Delivery: New report calls for Canadian HIV vaccine plan by 2003

Global Health Crises: Will the G8 act? Canadians call for action to save lives, condemn efforts to limit access to medicines in developing countries

A Crisis of Injection Drug Use, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Overdoses: New report calls for trials of safe injection sites

Methadone Treatment for Injection Drug Users: Lack of access fuelling health crisis

Canada’s Response to HIV/AIDS Falling Short Domestically and Internationally

Injection Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: Immediate action needed, not more words

Immigration and HIV/AIDS: A new report demands justice, not prejudice

Aboriginal People and HIV/AIDS: Immediate action required

Rapid HIV Screening Kits Raise Important Legal and Ethical Questions

Injection Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: A new report calls for immediate action

Supreme Court Ruling Will Harm HIV Prevention

HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Priority need for preventive measures