Network News 24 – September 2006

In this issue:

  • Legal Network in spotlight at AIDS 2006
  • Legal Network, GTAG launch platform for action
  • Legal Network gathers global AIDS and law experts
  • Legal Network raises drug policy issues with federal minister
  • Legal Network advocates for Insite extension
  • Harm reduction in Russia
  • Model legislation on drug use and HIV/AIDS
  • Human rights at World Outgames
  • Legal Network contributes to week-long NGO workshop in Beijing
  • Canadian Institute of International Affairs prepares for AIDS 2006
  • Legal Network and MSF urge reforms to Canada’s law on exporting generic medicines
  • The Legal Network in the News
  • Canadian legal community gathers at AIDS 2006
  • New Resources
  • 2006 AGM
  • New look for
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