National Lawyers’ Referral Database: Registration Form

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Disclaimer: The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network will direct individuals needing legal advice or services to lawyers who have indicated they practice in the relevant area.  It will be up to the lawyer and the client to arrange any appointment and agree on the terms of any retainer.

  •   Alberta
      British Columbia
      New Brunswick
      Newfoundland and Labrador
      Nova Scotia
      Northwest Territories
      Prince Edward Island

  •   Status Issues
      Aboriginal or treaty rights
      Community governance issues

  •   Employment Insurance
      Social assistance and related benefits (e.g. CPP/QPP, welfare, disability benefits)
      Human Rights
      Workers' compensation
      Criminal injuries compensation
      Mental health law
      Housing issues (e.g. residential tanancies, public housing, co-op housing)

  •   Collections
      Personal bankruptcy

  •   Not-for-profit incorporation
      Charitable registration
      Governance (e.g. by-laws, board issues)

  •   Insurance litigation (life, health, accident, disability)
      Tenancies: residential
      Tenancies: commercial (e.g. for community service agencies)
      Personal injury claims
      Medical malpractice
      Privacy issues
      Consumer protection issues
      Wrongful dismissal

  •   Federalism issues
      Equality rights
      Other civil liberties

  •   Offences against the person (including sexual assault)
      Drug offences
      Driving offences
      Prostitution offences
      Property offences
      Commercial offences/fraud
      Provincial offences
      Prison issues/parole hearings
      Dangerous/long-term offender hearings
      Young offenders

  •   Estate planning (including preparation of wills)
      Estate administration
      Estate litigation
      Powers of attorney

  •   Marriage contracts/cohabitation agreements
      Common-law relationships
      Divorce proceedings (including separation agreements)
      Spousal and/or child support
      Child custody/access issues
      Domestic violence issues
      Child protection and removal proceedings
      Mediation/Collaborative family law
      Surrogacy agreements
      Representation of children

  •   Public health orders
      Medical malpractice
      Mental health issues

  •   Family sponsorships
      Skilled worker applications
      Refugee claims
      U.S. immigration/refugee law

  •   Disability insurance
      Life or health insurance
      Accident benefits
      Property insurance
      Liability insurance

  •   Employment contracts
      Workplace discrimination
      Wrongful dismissals
      Employment and pay equity issues
      Occupational health and safety
      Employment standards
      Workers' compensation
      Professional regulation & discipline

  •   Access to information
      Privacy litigation

  •   Tax law

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