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Do Not Cross: Policing and HIV Risk Faced by People Who Use Drugs

This paper reviews the research literature of relevance to Canada on the impact of law enforcement practices on HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment for people who use illegal drugs. We consider the impact of national and provincial/state laws and municipal bylaws or regulations, as well as the impact of policing at a local level. We examine ways in which policing practices affect measures to reduce the harms associated with the use of illegal drugs and to protect and promote the health of people who use them.

Based on the available evidence and a consideration of Canada’s obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of all people in Canada, we offer recommendations for legislative and policy reforms. In addition to these reforms, we suggest other action needed to ensure the effective functioning of, and access to, the harm reduction measures that are supposed to represent a core element of Canada’s response to both problematic substance use and HIV/AIDS.

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Publié le 2007-05-10
Auteur Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Sujet Politiques sur les drogues, réduction des méfaits
Type de document Rapports
Langue Anglais

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