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Criminal Law and HIV

Please note that the sections of this document that describe the current state of the criminal law as it relates to HIV non-disclosure do not take into account the recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions in R. v. Mabior and R. v. D.C. We are presently working to update all our resources in accordance with these decisions.

This is a series of five info sheets on the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada.

  1. Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure: current Canadian law
  2. Prosecutions under the Criminal Code
  3. Does criminalizing HIV non-disclosure make sense?
  4. Public health interventions and HIV prevention
  5. Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure: issues for front-line workers

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Published On 2011-05-27
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Topics Criminal Law
Document Type Info Sheets
Language English
Doc Id 1879

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