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HIV and Hepatitis C in Prisons

This is a series of 13 info sheets on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C in prisons.

  1. HIV and hepatitis C in prisons: the facts
  2. High-risk behaviours in prisons
  3. HIV and hepatitis C transmission in prison
  4. Prevention: condoms
  5. Prevention: bleach
  6. Prevention: needle and syringe programs
  7. Prevention and treatment: methadone
  8. Care, treatment and support
  9. A comprehensive strategy
  10. Aboriginal prisoners
  11. Women in prison
  12. Other prison populations
  13. A moral and legal obligation to act

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Published On 2008-04-10
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Topics Women's Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Prisons, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction, Aboriginal Communities
Document Type Info Sheets
Language English
Doc Id 1311

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