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HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 12(1) May 2007



  • Subcommittee fails to recommend legal reforms needed to promote human rights of sex workers
  • Conservative government ends funding for research on Insite
  • Draft evaluation suggests pilot safer tattooing program had potential to reduce disease transmission
  • Public health agency says prison needle exchanges reduce risk, do not threaten safety or security
  • Ontario passes new mandatory blood testing law: a preliminary review
  • Bill eliminating conditional sentences amended to exclude drug offences
  • Vancouver: Mayor proposes new treatment plan for stimulant-drug users
  • Funding announcements from federal government, Gates Foundation
In brief
  • Progress report on national pharmaceuticals strategy released
  • Auditor-General critical of Health Canada regulatory performance
  • Ottawa police accused of undermining crack distribution program

  • Thailand: Government issues compulsory licences for HIV/AIDS drugs
  • U.S.: Proposed federal legislation to allow condom distribution and HIV testing in prison
  • Russian Federation: Governments threaten freedom of association and assembly for LGBT organizations
  • Russian Federation: Inhumane conditions in the drug treatment facilities lead to tragedy
  • U.K.: New publications on HIV transmission and exposure and the criminal justice system
In brief
  • India: Multi-national pharmaceutical company challenges patent law
  • U.S.: Proposed easing of restrictions for HIV-positive short-term entry visas
  • UNHCR: New strategy for provision of antiretroviral therapy to refugees
  • Indonesia: On the road to a harm reduction model?
  • Africa: New report on how HIV/AIDS programming is failing LGBT people
  • Cameroon: ILO conducts HIV training for labour courts in francophone Africa
  • U.S.: All states to move to names-based HIV reporting in 2007

  • Federal Court of Appeal examines for first time refugee protection on the basis of inadequate health care
Criminal law and HIV transmission or exposure: new cases and developments
  • Judge imposes two-year sentence; says treatment needs likely better met in federal prison
  • Fifty-six-month sentence for unprotected sex with two girlfriends
  • Ex-professional football player guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault
  • Court rejects appeal where man disclosed HIV status to police, claimed he didn’t know HIV endangered life
In brief
  • Human Rights Tribunal rejects application to dismiss discrimination complaint
  • Appeal Court finds assisted contraception regulations do not discriminate against lesbians and gay men
  • Federal Court rejects “irreparable harm” argument of HIV-positive failed refugee claimant seeking to stop deportation
  • $6 million settlement in medical negligence case

  • Mexico: Supreme Court rules discharge of HIV-positive troops unconstitutional
  • Europe: Court finds lack of medical assistance in Russian detention facility to be in violation of human rights
  • Australia: Coroner recommends prisoners be given access to sterile syringes
Criminal law and HIV/AIDS: four new cases
  • Germany: Man sentenced to five and a half years for endangering and infecting several partners
  • U.K.: Bournemouth court imposes three-and-a-half year sentence for reckless HIV transmission
  • U.K.: Man sentenced to nine years for reckless transmission of HIV and HCV
  • Australia: HIV-positive man facing criminal charges fails attempt to have his identity suppressed
In brief
  • South Africa: Inmate who refuses ARVs will get hearing about whether he can die at home
  • China: Hospital to compensate 19 people infected with HIV through blood transfusions
  • India: Supreme Court suspends manufacture of ayurvedic medicine being sold as a “cure” for AIDS

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Published On 2007-05-31
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Topics Treatment, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sex Work, Prisons, Immigration and Travel, HIV Testing, Global Treatment Access Group, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction, Discrimination, Criminal Law
Document Type HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
Language English
Doc Id 1105

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