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HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 11(2/3) December 2006



  • Supervised injection facility granted time-limited extension
  • Federal prison guards call for power to test prisoners for HIV
  • Sex workers: report goes Beyond Decriminalization
  • Medical marijuana: CAS releases report, government cuts research funding
In brief
  • BCPWA files complaint against police disclosure of HIV status
  • Toronto: Cracking down on crack pipes
  • Conditional sentences to be abolished for some drug offences
  • Health services, including needle exchange, key issue for Correctional Investigator
  • CSC closes safer tattoo pilot sites
  • Sex worker group receives human rights award
  • Lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men to continue
  • Some AIDS 2006 delegates claim refugee status

  • Cameroon: UN group finds detention of gay men a violation of human rights Russian Federation: NGO law creates difficulties for human rights organizations
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office criticizes PEPFAR
  • India: Pressure increases on government to decriminalize homosexuality Developments in HIV/AIDS legislation
In brief
  • U.K.: HIV and human rights audit underway
  • U.S.: Evidence of HIV transmission in prisons
  • Europe & CEE: Prison needle exchange update
  • California: Governor vetoes prison condom bill
  • Jamaican activist receives human rights award
  • India: Proposal for mandatory testing of marriage couples withdrawn
  • France: Restrictions on residence visa for HIV-positive immigrants

  • B.C. court gives go-ahead to non-profit needle exchange and drop-in
  • Another prisoner dies of HIV in a CSC institution — medical parole not considered until too late
  • Federal Court orders re-determination of HIV-positive Zimbabwean’s refugee claim
  • HIV-positive gay Mexican’s Convention refugee claim denied
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission or exposure: 10 new cases
In brief
  • Supreme Court affirms that Ontario tribunal has power to consider Human Rights Code
  • Police officer loses negligence suit against Correctional Services Canada

  • South Africa: Court orders government to provide antiretrovirals to prisoners
  • U.S.: Sexual history must be disclosed in lawsuit for negligent HIV transmission, California Supreme Court rules
  • Switzerland: HIV-positive woman ordered to disclose names of sexual partners
  • U.S.: Courts rule anti-prostitution policy restriction on AIDS funding violates right to free speech
  • U.S.: HIV-positive prospective employee can sue Foreign Service for discrimination
  • U.K. Court rejects prisoner’s application for needle exchange
In brief
  • India: High Court of Andhra Pradesh upholds the right of HIV-positive person to employment in the police force
  • Hong Kong: Appeal Court affirms that law criminalizing buggery infringes rights of gay men
  • South Africa: Court overturns misconduct conviction of physician who denounced Minister’s inaction on HIV
  • South Africa: Herbal medicine proponent ordered to stop defaming treatment activists

  • Advancing rights for women: the role of litigation
  • Law reform and land rights for women in Tanzania
  • “Second on the needle”: human rights of women who use drugs
  • Routine HIV testing: three perspectives
    1. Opt-out routine testing: the case has not been made
    2. HIV Testing in the era of increased treatment access: a human rights perspective from Botswana
    3. The routine offer of HIV counselling and testing: a human right
  • HIV and the decriminalization of sex work in New Zealand
  • Providing legal aid to members of vulnerable minorities in Ukraine
  • Reflections on 25 years of AIDS
  • Controlling HIV among injecting drug users: the current status of harm reduction
  • Using human rights law to advocate for syringe exchange programs in European prisons
  • Drug addition treatment in Russia: no substitution therapy
  • Taking the fight to their realm: the role of patent oppositions in the struggle for access to medicines
  • Free trade negotiations can be harmful to your health
  • Vulnerable populations in Nepal face hostile environment
  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child in a world with HIV and AIDS
  • Removing requirement for self-disclosure of HIV status from Canada’s Application for a Temporary Resident Visa
  • Community attitudes towards rationing ARVs: a qualitative study of justice and equity

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Published On 2007-01-15
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network et al.
Topics Women's Rights, Treatment, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sex Work, Privacy, Prisons, Immigration and Travel, HIV Testing, Global Treatment Access Group, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction, Discrimination, Criminal Law
Document Type HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
Language English
Doc Id 941

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