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HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 9(3) December 2004




  • High time to vastly scale up action on human rights

  • Ontario: Police disclose HIV status of accused under Police Services Act
  • BC: Campaign launched to protect personal health information
  • Nova Scotia: “Blood samples” legislation passed
  • British Columbia: Studies show positive public impacts of harm-reduction measures for drug users
  • Nurse, legal society receive human rights award
  • Proposed amendments to medical marijuana regulations released for comment
In brief
  • MP calls for review of solicitation laws
  • Vancouver: Gay posters banned by billboard company
  • Groups distribute harm-reduction kits to crack users
  • British Columbia study finds high levels of poverty and disability among HIV positive
  • Health Canada approves rapid HIV test for sale in Canada

  • HIV/AIDS, law, and discrimination in Guyana
  • Policy and environment assessment on illicit drug use and HIV risk in Cambodia
  • Southern Africa: Reports document legal responses to HIV/AIDS
  • NGO Code of Practice released
  • Thai Drug Users Network receives human rights award
  • Nigeria addresses HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • New report on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the world of work
  • UK: Developments on HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination

  • Prison needle exchange programs work
  • Is the world finally waking up to HIV/AIDS in prisons? A report from the XV International AIDS Conference
  • Canada: Study provides further evidence of risk of hepatitis C and HIV transmission in prisons
  • Canadian court orders remand centre to provide prescribed medication and permit consultation with outside physician
  • Canadian court denies prisoner access to anti-anxiety medication
  • Prisoner denied access to medical marijuana
Other developments
  • U.S.: Study links incarceration and HIV rates in black communities
  • Canada: Revised guidelines on management of infectious diseases and on bleach distribution issued
  • Canada: Prison networking and research & advocacy groups founded
  • New resources

  • Court orders Immigration and Refugee Board to take into account evidence of HIV-related discrimination
  • Appeal board overturns decision denying Zambian admission to Canada
  • Severance provisions of old Ontario employment standards legislation infringe Charter equality rights of persons with disabilities
  • Criminal charges against marijuana compassion club members stayed
  • Federal Court permits contaminated-blood litigation to proceed

  • India: Court finds government has constitutional obligation to provide ARVs to released prisoner
  • India: Challenge to constitutionality of criminal law banning homosexual acts dismissed
  • Libya: Foreign health-care workers sentenced to death for deliberate infection
  • UK: Court grants asylum to pregnant claimant, citing European Convention
  • UK: House of Lords recognizes that privacy rights include protection of mental health
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission or exposure: four new cases
In brief
  • Mexico: Discharge of HIV-positive soldiers discriminatory and unconstitutional

  • Not as simple as ABC: making real progress on women’s rights and AIDS
  • Young women living with HIV/AIDS have rights too: a personal testimonial
  • A human rights crisis in need of a human rights response
  • Sex workers and law reform in South Africa
  • Youth: too often missing from the response
  • Double discrimination: drug users living with HIV/AIDS
  • Drug control, human rights, and harm reduction in the age of AIDS
  • In Thailand, drug users have to fight for their rights
  • The spread of harm-reduction programs in Brazil
  • Prisoners’ health and human rights in the HIV/AIDS epidemic
  • Current issues and concerns in HIV testing: a health and human rights approach
  • Sexual minorities, violence, and AIDS in Africa
  • Bangkok 2004: Abstracts on legal, ethical, and human rights issues

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Published On 2004-12-01
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network et al.
Topics Women's Rights, Treatment, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sex Work, Privacy, Prisons, Income Security, Immigration and Travel, HIV Testing, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction, Discrimination, Criminal Law
Document Type HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
Language English
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