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HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 10(1) April 2005





  • Legal Network launches Plan of Action on HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination
  • Alberta review panel recommendations threaten privacy of personal health information
  • Medical marijuana developments
  • New Brunswick: New sex education curriculum stirs debate
  • Standing Committee on Justice re-establishes Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws
In brief
  • Quebec activists draws attention to lypodistrophy
  • Another call for needle exchange programs in prisons
  • Saskatchewan: New regulations designed to reduce needle-stick injuries

  • Breaking new ground on HIV/AIDS and human rights in China
  • Caribbean: Birth of a regional network responding to HIV/AIDS and vulnerability
  • Jamaica: Report documents homophobia and violence
  • Hungary: Segregation of HIV-positive prisoners breaches national and international standards
  • Ukrainian survey of PLHA rights reveals widespread abuses
  • Nepal: Legal system HIV/AIDS audit conducted
  • Mexico: General Recommendation issued on school-based discrimination against HIV-positive children
In brief
  • Botswana: National Policy on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work
  • Nigeria: HIV-positive journalism student reinstated after mobilization and threat of legal action
  • Nigeria: Public lecture series highlights deficiencies in national law and policy
  • Kenya: Law students assist with HIV/AIDS legal clinics
  • Ukraine: Advocacy workshops support PLWA rights and advance HIV prevention

  • Canadian AIDS Society granted intervener status is blood donor case
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission/exposure: two new cases
In brief
  • Court takes HIV status into account in robbery sentencing
  • Crown stays assault charge in spitting case

  • Colombia: Constitutional Court grants interim order reinstating HIV-positive woman in her job
  • Australia: Appeal court upholds compensation for occupational exposure
  • Ukraine: Dismissal on the basis of HIV status ruled unconstitutional
  • South Africa: “HIV-positive” t-shirt leads to dismissal?
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission/exposure: three new cases
In brief
  • UK: Court orders reconsideration of asylum case
  • Malaysia: Judge refuses to reduce sentence on account of HIV
  • New Zealand: Man jailed for lying about HIV status on residency application
  • Scotland: Court orders damages and reinstatement for unjust dismissal
  • Indian High Court refuses to review challenge to criminalization of homosexuality
  • South Africa: Court upholds disciplinary measures against outspoken physician
  • South African activists awarded court costs

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Published On 2005-04-01
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Topics Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sex Work, Privacy, Prisons, Discrimination, Criminal Law
Document Type HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
Language English
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