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HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 15(1) October 2010



  • HIV prevalence in prison is 15 times greater than in the community as a whole
  • New study puts forth HIV treatment as prevention
  • Keeping a common bawdy house becomes a “serious offence” under Criminal Code
  • Vaccine initiative money reallocated; emphasis placed on research and mother-to-child transmission
  • New legislation to improve Canada’s refugee system troubles advocates
In brief

  • Saskatchewan: HIV infection rate double the national average
  • Federal government’s Truth in Sentencing Act threatens to cost billions of dollars and increase prison population
  • HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Parliamentary Caucus forms in Ottawa

  • Bills in Uganda would infringe upon rights of homosexuals and people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Malawi: President pardons convicted same-sex couple
  • United States of America: Obama administration calls for an end to state criminalization of HIV transmission
In brief

  • Kenya: government to draft policy on HIV and injecting drug use Azerbaijan: new law on HIV includes harm reduction
  • Taiwan: government to introduce methadone treatment in prisons
  • Swaziland: prisoners to receive HIV testing and counselling
  • Uzbekistan: government criminalizes negligent HIV infection
  • China: hospital refuses to treat HIV-positive woman
  • Gay marriage legalized in Mexico City and in Argentina

  • HIV-positive Haitian man’s application for immigration judicial review dismissed
  • BREAKING: Ontario court strikes down prostitution-related provisions of Criminal Code
  • Criminal law and cases of HIV transmission or exposure

  • Michigan judge rules that HIV-positive man not a bioterrorist
  • Gay asylum seekers win right to stay in United Kingdom
  • Criminal law and cases of HIV transmission or exposure
In brief

  • Zambia: court awards damages to two former military officers in mandatory HIV screening case
  • United States of America: HIV-positive man wins $1.25 million in a privacy case
  • Egypt: new pricing system threatens the availability of generic drugs
  • Kenya: court considers issue of access to affordable medicines
  • Namibia: HIV-positive women sue the government over forced sterilization
  • Kenya: two tuberculosis patients sentenced to prison

  • The Vienna Declaration: a call for drug policy reform
  • HIV/AIDS and drug policy: a new approach for law enforcement
  • Policy advocacy for female injecting drug users in Eastern and Central Europe
  • Criminalization of HIV transmission or exposure: global extent, impact and the way forward
  • Criminalization of HIV transmission or exposure in eight Latin American countries
  • The impact of a state criminal HIV exposure law on residents living with HIV in the USA
  • Switzerland: exclusion of a healthcare professional because he was HIV-positive
  • Using the courts to secure positive law reform for women in Malawi
  • South Africa: Durban’s ante-natal clinic environment and its impact on a woman’s choice to test for HIV during pregnancy
  • Namibia: litigating the cases of sterilization without informed consent of HIV-positive women
  • Integrating sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV/AIDS in South Africa
  • Health consequences of pre-trial detention in Zambian prisons
  • Emerging human rights issues in China’s response to HIV/AIDS
  • Europe: securing legal protection against expulsion for HIV-positive migrants
  • New ILO standard on HIV rejects discrimination against HIV-positive workers
  • Zambian court issues groundbreaking decision concerning HIV testing without informed consent
  • Vulnerabilities and rights of migrant sex workers in Europe
  • Implications of PEPFAR’s anti-prostitution pledge for HIV prevention among organizations working with sex workers

  • Introduction
  • Panel: Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure — new development and community responses
  • Panel: Overcoming exclusion — current research and legal issues in Canadian immigration policy for people living with HIV
  • Panel: Our bodies, our health — a more comprehensive understanding of maternal health and HIV

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Published On 2010-10-31
Author Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Topics Women's Rights, Treatment, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sex Work, Prisons, Immigration and Travel, Global Treatment Access Group, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction, Criminal Law
Document Type HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
Language English
Doc Id 1777

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