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Title Publish Date Document Type
HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 14(3) June 2010 2010-05-28 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
"Viral Time Bomb”: Health and Human Rights Challenges in Addressing Hepatitis C in Canada 2008-05-08 Reports
HIV and Hepatitis C in Prisons 2008-04-10 Info Sheets
Hard Time: HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention Programming for Prisoners in Canada 2007-12-05 Reports
Promoting HIV and hepatitis C prevention programming for prisoners in Canada: Strategic directions for action 2007-12-05 Info Sheets
Aboriginal People and HIV/AIDS: Legal Issues 2005-02-25 Info Sheets
Programming HIV/AIDS: a human rights approach — A tool for international development and community-based organizations responding to HIV/AIDS (Canadian version) 2004-08-01 Reports
Stories of Community Mobilization 2004-03-07 Reports
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 8(1) April 2003 2003-04-01 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 7(2–3) December 2002 2002-12-01 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 6(3) March 2002 2002-03-01 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
Annual Report 2000–2001 2001-07-31 Annual Report
Discrimination, HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal People (Second Edition) 1999-12-23 Reports
HIV/AIDS and Aboriginal People: Problems of Jurisdiction and Funding (Second Edition) 1999-12-23 Reports
HIV Testing and Confidentiality: Issues for the Aboriginal Community (Second Edition) 1999-12-23 Reports
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 4(2–3) Spring 1999 1999-04-01 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(4) and 4(1) Winter 1997/1998 1997-11-01 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review
HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 3(1) October 1996 1996-10-01 HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review

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