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Title Publish Date
In Memoriam: Elisse Zack 2014-08-01
In Memoriam: Passengers of MH17 2014-07-18
The Whole (Legal) Truth: Bill C-36 Will Have Far-Reaching Implications for Canadian Communities 2014-06-25
Proposed Legislation Will Harm Sex Workers and Communities 2014-06-04
Canada Must Act Against International Hate Laws Targeting LGBTQ People 2014-05-16
Canadian Scientists Take Important Stand: Criminal Law Currently Goes Too Far in Prosecuting HIV Non-Disclosure 2014-05-02
Interveners Welcome Supreme Court Decision in R. v. Hutchinson 2014-03-07
Uganda’s ‘Jail the Gays’ Bill Institutionalizes Hate, Undermines Health and Human Rights 2014-02-24
On Eve of Sochi Olympics, Groups Rally for Global LGBT Rights, in Russia and Beyond 2014-02-06
Health and Human Rights Organizations Applaud Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Unjust Sex Work Laws 2013-12-20
Grans and Gays Confronting HIV: Human Rights Groups Honour Activists on World Aids Day 2013-11-27
Human Rights Organizations Condemn the Campaign of the Botswana Government to Crack Down on Sex Workers 2013-11-12
LGBT rights under attack in Russia; Canadian civil society demands collective action on Sochi Olympics 2013-08-22
Woman Found Not Guilty on Oral Sex Count, Court Sends Important Message to Prosecutors 2013-08-16
Courthouse Protestors Condemn “Witch-Hunt” by Crown Prosecutors Against People Living With HIV, Call for Action by Attorney General 2013-07-08
Toronto City Council and Ontario Government Should Heed Experts’ Recommendations, Implement Supervised Injection Services 2013-07-02
Legal Network Intervenes in Sex Work Case at Supreme Court; Presence of International Sex Work Activist Points the Way Forward 2013-06-11
Government Bill Will Impede Life-Saving Health Services, Cause More Death and Disease 2013-06-06
Statement on the death of our friend and colleague Ken Buchanan 2013-04-17
AIDS Groups Critical of Court Decision on Medical Cannabis 2013-02-01
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Marks 20 Years, Presents Canadian and International Human Rights Awards 2012-11-30
Parliament Betrays People in Developing Countries Needing Medicines — Bill C-398 Voted Down 2012-11-28
Every Child Deserves a Second Birthday: MPs, Community Gather in Front of Parliament for Protest-party to Celebrate the Promise 2012-11-27
Time to Deliver: A Global Appeal to Canada’s Parliamentarians to Fix Law on Affordable Medicines for All 2012-11-21
Bill C-398 Critical Opportunity to Get Life-saving Generic Medicines to Those Most in Need: Statement by Civil Society Groups 2012-10-16
Unjust Supreme Court Ruling on Criminalization of HIV Major Step Backwards for Public Health and Human Rights 2012-10-05
Lawsuit Filed Against Government of Canada for Failing to Protect the Health of Federal Prisoners 2012-09-25
Ending the Epidemic: HIV and Human Rights in Canada and Around the World 2012-07-17
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Applauds Global Report on How Laws Help or Hinder Response to HIV 2012-07-09
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario Welcome Sex Work Decision From 2012-03-27
New Opportunity to Fix Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime: Statement by Civil Society Groups 2012-02-16
In Advance of Landmark Supreme Court Case, Supporters Worldwide Call on Canada to Stop Criminalizing People Living with HIV 2012-02-06
Groups Welcome Government’s Commitment to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, Call for Emergency Conference of Donors to Address Funding Crisis 2011-12-09
HIV and Human Rights in Canada: Top 5 Key Issues for World AIDS Day 2011 2011-12-01
Donors Deny Life-Saving Progress on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 2011-11-30
Russia at Risk of HIV Epidemic Hitting Catastrophic Levels 2011-10-07
International Coalition Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Human Rights and Keep Insite Open 2011-09-30
NGO Leaders: Global Fund Champions Proactive Measures against Fraud 2011-09-19
Statement on the Passing of Jack Layton, Leader of the Official Opposition 2011-08-22
Global: Torture in Drug Treatment Detention 2011-06-24
Human Rights Awards: Caribbean, Canadian HIV/AIDS Activists Honored 2011-06-08
Symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights and Awards Ceremony 2011-06-06
Canadian Groups Welcome International Report Condemning Failed “War on Drugs” 2011-06-02
New Poll Shows Canadians Concerned About Global Reputation, but Confident It Can Be Improved by Making Affordable Medicines Available to Developing Countries 2011-04-26
Parliament Fails to Fix Law to Save Lives — Bill C-393 Stalled to Death in Senate 2011-03-26
Civil Society Groups Rally in Support of Urgent Passage of Access to Medicines Bill 2011-03-23
Grandmothers Ringing the Bell For Democracy; Urge Senate to Quickly Pass Bill C-393 2011-03-22
Health and Human Rights Organization Disappointed in Ruling Denying Sex Worker Group’s Perspective in Landmark Case 2011-03-16
Health and Human Rights Organizations to Intervene in Landmark Sex Work Case 2011-03-14
Dr. James Orbinski, Stephen Lewis and K’naan Urge Parliament to Pass Bill C-393 2011-03-09
MPs Choose Hope — Bill C-393 Passes! 2011-03-09
Leading Canadian Physicians and Scientists Urge Parliament to Choose Evidence and Compassion and Support Bill C-393 2011-03-07
Diverse Faith Leaders Rally to Support Humanitarian Bill and Save Lives in the Developing World 2011-03-03
International Coalition to Intervene to Save Vancouver Safe-Injection Site 2011-02-17
Russia Must Adopt Harm Reduction Now to Stop the Spread of HIV 2011-02-13
The Evidence is Clear: Bill S10 Will Result in Expensive, Ineffective Sentencing 2011-02-07
A Victory for Democracy: Bill C-393 Will Proceed to a Vote in the House of Commons 2011-02-02
MPs to Debate Life-Saving Access to Medicines Bill Today 2011-01-31
Bill C-393: Common Sense Versus Obstructionism and Excuses During Today’s Parliamentary Debate 2011-01-31
Central Asian Countries Urged to Act Now to Avert Worsening AIDS Epidemic 2011-01-19
World AIDS Day a Stark Reminder That MPs Have Power to Save Lives 2010-11-30
Grannies Hold Vigils Urging Parliament to Support Access to Medicines Bill 2010-11-29
Study on Access to Medicines Bill Concludes Today 2010-11-01
Liberal MP Votes with Conservatives in Gutting Access to Medicines Bill 2010-11-01
Grannies Disrupt Committee Hearings; Debate to Continue This Coming Monday 2010-10-29
Grannies Hold Impromptu Protest to Slam Shameful Actions of Industry Committee 2010-10-28
Health and Legal Experts Join Canadian and African Activists in Making Case to Fix Access to Medicines Regime 2010-10-21
Bill S-10 Hurts People, Families and Public Coffers 2010-10-06
Community Forum on HIV and the Criminal Law Launches Prosecutorial Guidelines Campaign 2010-09-30
Groups Rally on Parliament Hill for Access to Life-Saving Medicines 2010-09-29
Community Forum on HIV and the Criminal Law to Launch Prosecutorial Guidelines Campaign 2010-09-28
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Hails Decision of Ontario Court That Supports Rights of Sex Workers 2010-09-28
NGO Leaders: Canada’s Global Fund Contribution a Positive Step, Must Be Strengthened and Complemented by Other Initiatives 2010-09-22
Developing World Conditions in Canada Impede Access to HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment and Support 2010-07-21
Macedonia: Group Wins HIV and Rights Award 2010-07-20
Canadian and African Activists Call on G8/G20 Leaders to Take Action on AIDS Crisis at Home and Abroad 2010-06-22
G8 and G20 leaders will hear strong message on HIV and human rights from two advocates 2010-06-10
Head of Global Fund to Deliver Pre-G8 and G20 Message on HIV and Human Rights in Toronto 2010-06-09
Symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights 2010-06-04
Vancouver HIV Case Highlights Again the Need for Clear Guidelines on Criminal Prosecutions 2010-05-11
AIDS Organization Welcomes Crown Decision to Stay Criminal Charges in Hamilton HIV Case 2010-04-22
HIV and hepatitis C Crisis in Federal Prisons, According to New CSC Report 2010-04-21
Campaign for “Universal Access” to Medicines Goes Global 2010-03-24
No Celebration for HIV-Positive Women on International Women's Day 2010-03-08
Clean Needles Behind Bars Long Overdue 2010-02-02
Important Step Forward in Vote on Bill C-393 2009-12-02
Former Prime Minister Among 59 VIPs Calling for Changes to Access to Medicines Regime 2009-12-01
New Poll Reveals 80% of Canadians Want Changes to Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime 2009-11-26
Groups Call for Effective Law on Access to Medicines for Developing Countries 2009-10-21
Expert Panel before Parliament to Discuss Reforming Access to Medicines Regime 2009-10-20
Senate to Deal with Life-or-Death Issue 2009-10-07
Old Regime Dies; Will There Be a Second Life for CAMR? 2009-09-17
Namibian Lawyer and Canadian Academic Honoured for HIV/AIDS Work 2009-06-12
Time for Canada to “Grow Up” About Drugs 2009-06-12
Focus on Criminalization 2009-06-09
New Report Outlines Legal Case for Prisoners’ Access to Clean Needles 2009-06-04
Move to Reform “CAMR” Gains Momentum 2009-05-25
Dying for Lack of Medicines in Developing Countries 2009-05-14
Bill C-15 Falls Short of Its Goals 2009-04-24
“Patients, Not Criminals”?: Compulsory drug dependence treatment in Thailand must be reviewed 2009-04-20
Students and Community in Six Cities Echo Senator’s Call to Reform Access to Medicines Regime 2009-04-01
Expert Panel Launches Campaign to Reform Access to Medicines Regime 2009-03-26
Expert Panel to Discuss Reforming Access to Medicines Regime 2009-03-24
The Rights of People Who Use Drugs in Prisons at Alberta Harm Reduction Conference 2009-03-04
Canada Faces Review by United Nations Human Rights Council 2009-01-22
Judge Admits Inappropriate Treatment of HIV-positive Witness 2009-01-12
Canada Needs New Direction on Key Health Issues 2008-10-09
Release of New Poll Results Highlights Health Issues Absent From Federal Election Campaign: National Drug Strategy and Funding For AIDS 2008-10-08
Major Federal Parties Respond to Election Questionnaire on AIDS 2008-10-01
First Shipment of Affordable Medicines Finally En Route to Africa 2008-09-23
Sex Workers Group Wins HIV and Rights Award 2008-08-06
Federal Health Minister Tony Clement Urged to Keep Canada’s Promise to the Developing World 2008-08-05
Global Village Hosts Human Rights Activists, Hot Topics 2008-07-29
Health Activist in Prison Wins 2008 Human Rights Award for HIV/AIDS Work 2008-06-16
Insite Court Decision Confirms Canadian Drug Policy At Odds With Public Health and Human Rights 2008-05-29
Court Ruling Shields Vancouver’s Supervised Injection Site 2008-05-27
Canada Finally Poised to Deliver on Promise of Affordable Medicines to Developing Countries? 2008-05-07
Manitoba Forced HIV Testing Law Based on Flawed Rationale 2008-04-16
Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Drug Offences Counter-Productive to Public Health and Human Rights 2008-03-14
Latest Report from United Nations Drug Control Body Misses the Mark 2008-03-04
National AIDS Organizations Call on Ottawa to Guarantee Current Funding for Local AIDS Programs and Services 2007-11-29
Legal Network President Named National Recipient of Canadian Institutes of Health Research Award 2007-11-20
New Anti-Drug Bill Likely to Lead to More Cases of HIV 2007-11-20
Insite Extension a Political Manoeuvre Instead of a Public Health Decision — Existing evidence shows supervised injection facility should be permanent 2007-10-02
Ottawa Adopting Failed U.S.-Style “War on Drugs” — New National Anti-Drug Strategy plays politics with people’s lives 2007-10-01
Civil Society Key to Defeating AIDS in China — International groups, global leaders press UNAIDS to convene NGO meeting 2007-09-27
Canada Misses Opportunity to Show Leadership on HIV/AIDS, TB 2007-09-27
First-Ever Compulsory Licence Issued Under Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime — But MPs must simplify law to make it truly effective, says Legal Network 2007-09-21
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Announces Richard Elliott as Its New Executive Director 2007-08-01
CMAJ Commentary Calls for Needle Exchange and Safer Tattooing Programs in Canadian Prisons 2007-07-30
Rwanda First to Try Buying Affordable AIDS Drug from Canada Using Access to Medicines Regime 2007-07-20
Cancellation of Safe Crack Kits by Ottawa City Council Irresponsible and Short-Sighted 2007-07-11
Quick Fixes to Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime Left Behind as MPs Close Commons 2007-06-21
Ontario Legal Aid Clinic and Toronto Human Rights Advocate Win 2007 Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights 2007-06-10
"The Other War on Drugs": International Panel to Discuss Access to Medicines in Developing Countries 2007-04-19
Legal Network Releases 13-Point Plan to Parliament to Fix Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime 2007-04-18
Media Advisory — Legal Network to Propose Immediate Steps to Fix Canada's Access to Medicines Regime 2007-04-16
Canada Unfairly Berated by International Drug Body for Pragmatic, Effective HIV Prevention Measures 2007-02-28
New Report Finds International Narcotics Control Board Blocks Effective HIV Prevention Among Drug Users 2007-02-27
Former UN Special Envoy to join call for greater accountability at INCB — Media Advisory 2007-02-20
Legal Network Condemns Anti-gay Mob Attack on Award-winning Jamaican Activist 2007-02-16
Commons Report on Prostitution Fails Sex Workers 2006-12-13
Prison Tattoo Closure Irresponsible, Says Legal Network 2006-12-04
NGOs welcome renewed focus on AIDS, but say pledge falls short 2006-12-01
AIDS Review Should Endorse More Money for Most Vulnerable, Say National Organizations 2006-11-28
Health and Industry Ministers Should Eliminate Red Tape in Canada’s Law on Generic Medicines for Export 2006-11-24
Montréal Sex Workers and Jamaican LGBT Rights Activist Win 2006 Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights 2006-09-28
Media Advisory — 2006 Awards for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights 2006-09-25
Health Minister’s Indecision on Insite Ignores Scientific Evidence 2006-09-02
Groups Urge Rapid Review of Canada’s Law on Generic Medicines for Export 2006-08-18
Harper Needs Dose of Reality: Prime Minister should make life-and-death decisions based on evidence, not ideology, says Legal Network 2006-08-15
Media Advisory — Evidence or Ideology? Legal Network to demand Canadian government commitment to safe injection facility and prison needle exchanges 2006-08-14
Media Advisory — Will It Deliver? Assessing Canada’s pledge to export affordable AIDS drugs 2006-08-10
Four Steps for Canada: Stephen Lewis and Canadian civil society groups demand action on global AIDS crisis 2006-08-09
Media Advisory — Stephen Lewis and Canadian Civil Society Groups to Launch Canadian Action Plan to Fight AIDS Globally 2006-08-02
Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Why everyone loses 2006-05-04
Canada Should Avoid U.S.-style Drug Laws — Mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences a proven failure 2006-04-20
China Should Free Human Rights Activists: Legal Network 2006-03-13
Party Leaders Must Define Their Approach to HIV/AIDS — Deafening silence during election campaign is unacceptable 2006-01-12
China: Police Shut Down Gay, Lesbian Event 2005-12-20
New Report Calls on Federal Government to Decriminalize Prostitution 2005-12-13
Legal Network Supports “Visionary" Toronto Drug Strategy 2005-12-12
Media Advisory — Legal Network to Release Report on Canada's Criminal Laws on Prostitution 2005-12-08
Safe Injection Site Should Not Be Law Enforcement Tool 2005-11-30
Al McNutt: Fighting HIV/AIDS in small-town Canada — Truro man receives award for courageous AIDS and human rights efforts 2005-09-09
Russia: HIV/AIDS Pioneer Fights for Vulnerable Populations — Humanitarian Action helps drug users, street children 2005-09-09
Criminal Charges Against HIV-positive Mother Inappropriate Response, says Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network 2005-05-27
Human Rights Advocacy Group Welcomes Canadian Law Coming Into Force — Urges generic drug companies and government to follow through with lower-cost medicines 2005-05-13
Canadians Living with Episodic Disabilities Call for Reform to Benefit Programs 2005-05-04
Generic Drugs Bill Still Not in Force One Year Later — Coalition calls on all parties in the House of Commons to cooperate on final procedural hurdle 2005-05-04
Safe-Crack Kits Important for Health of Drug Users: AIDS groups 2005-03-31
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Tells Committee that Parliament Should Repeal Criminal Code Provisions on Prostitution 2005-03-15
U.S. Gag on Needle Exchange Harms UN AIDS Efforts — Canadian HIV/AIDS organization calls on Ottawa to defend proven HIV prevention strategies 2005-03-03
CSC Applauded for Leadership on Safer Tattooing 2005-01-28
AIDS and Human Rights Organizations Say No to HIV Testing Based on Ignorance and Prejudice 2005-01-26
Stigma and Discrimination Are Fuelling the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Canada 2005-01-26
Canada Should Send Message on Bush AIDS Policies During State Visit — Ideological pandering undermines effective response to global AIDS pandemic 2004-11-29
Human Rights Group Warns Initiative Could Fail — Calls on generic companies and the federal government to take action 2004-11-19
Needle Exchange Programs Proven Beneficial in Prisons Outside Canada, Urgently Needed in Canadian Prisons: New report 2004-10-27
Vancouver Nurse and Pivot Legal Society Receive Canadian Human Rights Awards 2004-09-10
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Appoints New Executive Director 2004-09-07
Thailand: Drug Users Honoured for Courage in Face of Crackdown 2004-07-14
HIV/AIDS Treatment, Microbicide and Vaccine Advocates Release Plan of Action and Joint Statement of Commitment 2004-07-14
Highlights of Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network participation at the XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 2004-07-07
Montréal Police Discriminate Against People Living with HIV/AIDS: Community groups demand human rights commission inquiry 2004-06-04
The World is Looking to Canada for Leadership on HIV Vaccines 2004-05-18
Canada Proceeds with Bill C-9 on Cheaper Medicine Exports: NGOs say initiative is important, and urge other countries to avoid the flaws in the Canadian model 2004-04-28
Latest Amendments to Canada Patent Act a Good Start, But Still Need Work 2004-04-20
Amending Canada's Drug Patent Law: A betrayal of patients in developing countries 2004-02-26
Call for International Action to Coincide with Dublin AIDS Summit — Over 50 groups/experts from more than 20 countries endorse "Dublin Declaration on HIV/AIDS in Prisons in Europe and Central Asia" 2004-02-23
Affordable Generic Medicines for Developing Countries: Promise in Speech from Throne, but true commitment requires effective bill 2004-02-02
Affordable Generic Medicines for Developing Countries: Prime Minister's commitment is welcome, but bill is flawed and must be fixed 2004-01-23
HIV Testing of Priesthood Candidates Called Illegal and Unethical 2004-01-15
Street Hockey for Global Health: Canadian activists dramatize call on new Prime Minister to pass legislation allowing cheaper medicines for developing countries 2003-11-14
Bill C-56 on Medicines for Developing Countries Is Flawed — House of Commons should amend bill and get it right 2003-11-07
Canada Can Set Global Precedent with Patent Act Changes, But Flaws in Legislation Could Undermine Potential Benefit 2003-11-06
Save Lives Now: Amend Without Delay — Amending Canada's Patent Act to allow exports of generic medicines 2003-10-01
Amendment to Patent Act Must Benefit as Many as Possible, Urge Canadian Organizations 2003-09-26
Canadian Prisoner and AIDS Law Project of South Africa Receive Human Rights Awards 2003-09-12
AIDSVAX Trial Results: Canadian organizations ask Canadian government to step up HIV vaccine efforts 2003-02-25
HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Injection Drug Use in Prisons: New report concludes governments’ response too little, too late 2002-11-20
China Frees Prominent AIDS Activist 2002-09-20
Chinese AIDS Activist Honoured Despite Ongoing Detention 2002-09-12
Concern Escalates Over Missing Chinese AIDS Activist 2002-08-29
Accelerating HIV Vaccine Development and Delivery: New report calls for Canadian HIV vaccine plan by 2003 2002-06-26
Global Health Crises: Will the G8 act? Canadians call for action to save lives, condemn efforts to limit access to medicines in developing countries 2002-06-21
A Crisis of Injection Drug Use, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Overdoses: New report calls for trials of safe injection sites 2002-04-11
Methadone Treatment for Injection Drug Users: Lack of access fuelling health crisis 2002-03-12
Canada's Response to HIV/AIDS Falling Short Domestically and Internationally 2001-11-29
Injection Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: Immediate action needed, not more words 2001-08-31
Immigration and HIV/AIDS: A new report demands justice, not prejudice 2001-06-12
Aboriginal People and HIV/AIDS: Immediate action required 2000-06-07
Rapid HIV Screening Kits Raise Important Legal and Ethical Questions 2000-03-22
Injection Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: A new report calls for immediate action 1999-11-24
Supreme Court Ruling Will Harm HIV Prevention 1998-09-03
HIV/AIDS in Prisons: Priority need for preventive measures 1995-12-01


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